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EHR & Practice Management 

Built by ODs for Ods

Uprise is a true cloud,  all-in-one solution for the modern eye care practice. We've got you covered every step of the way from check-in to check-out. 

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What Makes Uprise Unique? 



Treatment Code Mapping

Uprise works in the background to help you auto-populate treatment plans & ICD-10 codes.

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Intelligent design 

Uprise was built with speed in mind. Keep your most used items at the top of any list.

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Save time and money with our patient portal 

Enjoy these features with our patient portal: 

  ✔  Telehealth capabilities

  ✔  Send secure messages 

  ✔  Share patient education (videos or pdfs) 

  ✔  Patients can download and view their prescriptions 

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Never Struggle with your calendar again. 

Enjoy these features with our patient Scheduler:

  ✔  Move appointment dates with drag and drop functionality 

  ✔  Create schedule templates down to the minute 

  ✔  Search and schedule appointments across multiple locations

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Uprise Essentials Uprise Essentials + RCM Uprise Pro Uprise Pro + RCM
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$ 299
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$ 499
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$ 199
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E - Prescribing
Secure Messaging
Training & Support
Lab Ordering
Revenue Cycle Management
Let the experts handle medical and vision claims for you.
Patient Recall/ Reminders
Frame Catalogs
Code Verification
Patient Education

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See why more and more ODs are switching to Uprise.

Schedule a time to talk with a member of our team so we can show you exactly how Uprise will help solve some of your common workflow challenges. Based on your practice's unique needs we'll help determine which Uprise package is the best fit for you. Use the form on the right to get in touch with us. 

With Uprise you'll see: 

    ✔  Improved patient care 

    ✔  Improved care coordination in your practice

    ✔  Streamlined workflows 

    ✔  Accurate reporting 

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Revenue Cycle Management 


Trusted Billing Service

Reduce your burden and increase your revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management is the process of filing a claim from beginning to end. With our RCM service, you pull the benefits, and we handle the rest. 



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Get Paid 2.5x Faster 


View Insightful Analytics 


Reduce Rejected Claims 


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See the Lifecycle of a claim 

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