How Lang Family Eye Care Changed the Scope of Their Practice by Outsourcing Claim Filing

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- Lack of claim filing knowledge

- Limited time dedicated to filing claims

- Dissatisfaction from previous billing service

- High outstanding AR



- Lowest AR since opening 

- Responsive customer support 

- More time spent with patients and practice growth

- Increased scope of medical optometry



Practice Background

Dr. Laura Lang is an OD and Co-Owner of Lang Family Eye Care located in New Berlin, WI. Alongside her husband, Dr. Ryan Lang, their family eyecare practice specializes in customized contacts using corneal mapping with an additional focus on Orthokeratology.



Lang Family Eye Care outsourced their billing from day one of opening their practice cold six years ago. At ICO they had only one day dedicated to learning about the business side of optometry, and realized they didn't know where to start when it came to filing medical claims. "There is so much to learn on correct billing and coding for maximum reimbursement. As an Optometrist, business owner, and mother of three I don't have the time to even begin to learn everything there is - I prefer to leave that to the experts," said Dr. Lang.

Originally Lang Family Eye Care was with a different revenue cycle management company and felt that being a new business and small account they weren't a priority. Many of their denied and rejected claims went un-worked and had to be written off.



When looking for a new billing service, Dr. Lang was hoping to improve on the practice's AR and learn as much as she could in terms of correct coding of claims to avoid having to refile for problems that were being made in the office with the patient. She was also looking for a group that was attentive to their needs, communicated clearly and quickly, and would help her team understand what needed to be done on their end for maximum reimbursement and quick turnaround of payments.


The transition of switching billing services went very smoothly. "VisionWeb helped us work outstanding claims that our previous group had let slip through the cracks and our AR quickly became the lowest it had ever been. We also noticed clearer communication and faster response time with the new service," recalled Dr. Lang.

Not having to worry if medical claims will be paid has been the biggest benefit to Dr. Lang. "Even if we do something on our end, like forget a diagnosis code, they will reach out to us without judgment and help us get everything submitted quickly," said Dr. Lang.

Dr. Lang would never switch to filing claims in-house. The work is tedious and time consuming and her time as an OD isn't best spent learning the ins and outs of claim filing. Not having to deal directly with insurance companies saves her and her husband time to focus on growing the business, staying up-to- date on the latest trends, and most importantly allows them more time to spend with patients.

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Revenue Cycle Management or "RCM" is the process of submitting a claim for reimbursement from beginning to end. When done properly, your office can increase payments while decreasing bad debt write-offs.

Even better, VisionWeb's service can do all the work for you. Our team handles virtually every aspect of the billing cycle for you. You pull the benefits and assist with missing claim information and we take care of the rest.


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