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How a Revenue Cycle Management Service Saved My Insurance Income




• Recruiting and retaining optometric billing managers

• High learning curve of training new employees in optometric billing

• Lack of visibility into the process


• Gained visibility into entire billing cycle

• Increased income

• Reduced payroll taxes



Practice Background

Dr. Emil Fadel is the owner of multiple eyecare practices located throughout central Texas.



The owner of multiple eyecare practices located in central Texas, Dr. Emil Fadel needed a way to stay on top of the billing cycle for all locations to ensure his revenue streams were flowing smoothly. However, recruiting and retaining experienced optometry billers to manage the revenue cycle was difficult, and the learning curve for training inexperienced employees was too high when managing multiple practices. “In one instance, we had two employees who were heavily involved in the billing process leave our office around the same time. After their departure, we uncovered tons of claims that were sitting there waiting to be reworked and resubmitted, resulting in lots of unpaid claims for my practice,” said Dr. Fadel.



Realizing that he needed to have more confidence in how his billing cycle was being handled, Dr. Fadel started looking at different options for his practice. “The biggest factor for me when looking at alternatives was that I wanted to choose a service that was really trying to help me make my business better, and not just a partner that was looking to perform another task and check off another box,” said Dr. Fadel. After being hesitant to outsource a major piece of his practice, Dr. Fadel found a revenue cycle management service that was able to start relieving the revenue pressures. Acting as an extension of Dr. Fadel’s optometric practice staff, within a few weeks, VisionWeb’s Insurance Revenue Cycle Management service was fully functional and managing Dr. Fadel’s insurance claims.


After using VisionWeb’s Insurance Revenue Cycle Management service for four years, Dr. Fadel has gained visibility into his entire billing cycle giving him confidence that the reimbursements are being managed effectively and on time.

Dr. Fadel Case Study Quote

With VisionWeb’s Insurance Revenue Cycle Management, Dr. Fadel has benefited from:

♦ A substantial increase in income

♦ Claims submitted same day as service

♦ Rejections, denials, and appeals re-worked by VisionWeb’s  
   optometry-focused billing staff

♦ Reduction of payroll taxes

♦ Reporting insights that help him make informed business decisions


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Revenue Cycle Management or "RCM" is the process of submitting a claim for reimbursement from beginning to end. When done properly, your office can increase payments while decreasing bad debt write-offs.

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