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Master the secrets of the powerful aging report.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, managing and optimizing your billing operations is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow and maximizing revenue. But where do you begin? Enter the trusty aging report, a powerful tool that equips you with critical insights into your accounts receivable, billing efficiency, and overall financial health. In this interactive webinar, you’ll discover valuable techniques to analyze and interpret your practice's aging data effectively, gain actionable insights into the health of your practice, and identify key areas for improvement.

Whether you’re a seasoned biller or just starting out, this webinar is designed to help you maximize the value of your aging reports.

Date: July 26th 2023 

Time: 12:00 PM Central Time 


What you'll learn:

  • powerful techniques to analyze and interpret your practice's aging report 
  • how to identify areas of improvement  
  • how to Implement efficient and effective strategies that have real impact
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About the Presenter 

Amanda Whitener has extensive revenue cycle expertise dating back nearly a decade ranging from ambulatory surgery centers to optometry. As VisionWeb's RCM Regional Account Director, she focuses on helping ODs experience financial freedom by ensuring claims are worked quickly and correctly.

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