On-Demand Webinar
Tech Talk: What does it mean to be in the cloud?

Today's business-savvy practices have embraced and leveraged the power of the cloud to simplify their workflow,
reduce costs, and focus more on patient care. But, no matter what type of system you use in your practice, security
reliability, and costs are all big factors that can affect the success of your practice each and every day.

In this short video, we'll compare the different types of cloud technology options and clear up some of the 
confusion around accessibility, security, data back ups, system updates, and more to help you make a
more informed technology decision for your practice.

In this 25 minute webinar, Dr. Nafey will cover:

  • Comparisons and myths of client server vs. cloud-hosted vs. true cloud
  • The benefits of a true cloud solution in your practice
  • Real-life cost comparisons
  • All-in-solutions for your practice


About the Presenter, Dr. Masoud Nafey:

nafey - headshot

Dr. Nafey is an optometrist who had over a decade of small business experience before earning his doctorate of optometry and practicing in multiple platforms, from corporate optometry to private practice, and has worked alongside his colleagues as a business management consultant. As VisionWeb's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nafey provides clinical and medical expertise and guidance, engages with ODs, and educates clients.

Watch the Webinar