EBOOK: 8 More Optometry Practice Metrics

After the success of our 8 Benchmarks ODs Need to Monitor ebook, we realized there were even more practice benchmarks and formulas that are important and necessary for ODs to keep track of. We've created a second part that goes over more than just the basic performance statistics. 

In this ebook, we'll uncover how to analyze your practice performance to influence your patient experience, marketing campaigns, frame board management, and insurance reimbursement successes.

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In addition to providing formulas, we'll also help unpack what each metric represents and how to improve your practice's numbers.

Here are the calculations and explanations we include:

  • Walk in vs. scheduled appointments
  • Call in vs. online appointments
  • Patient buying power
  • Daily multiple pair %
  • Daily anti reflective % sold
  • Daily photochromic % sold
  • Claim capture ratio
  • Appointment revenue gap

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