EBOOK: Medical Optometry Billing & Coding Guide

With practices needing to expand profits outside of their optical dispensary, the comprehensive medical exam is becoming an attractive option. With an increase in medical exams comes a need to manage a larger volume of medical claims.

In the past year, we've noticed increased inquiries for filing, coding, and correction procedures for medical claims. That's why we pulled the most requested information into this ebook that you and your practice can access whenever you need.

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Trust our experts in optometry billing.

We consulted experts at VisionWeb who are specifically trained in filing procedures for medical claims, because we know they can be a large part of your practice profits. In our ebook, we get straight to the point and cover the following parts of medical billing:

  • Step-by-step filing process
  • Cost breakdown
  • Coding tips
  • Medical billing quiz
  • A scalable solution

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