OD Handbook: Small Business, Big Profits

No matter if you're starting a new practice or already own one, providing excellent patient care is just the beginning of your success. As an OD, patient care is your expertise, but if you’re also a practice owner or partner there is a whole other side of your practice, and that’s the business side. From innovative marketing techniques to staff management to retail sales strategies, let us show you the best methods for managing your team and the business side of your practice.


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Take your eyecare practice to the next level. 

If you want to see your patient base or practice grow, you'll need to make sure you're maximizing efficiency, hiring the best people, and establishing long-lasting relationships. Drawing up a business plan can seem daunting, so we've divided our guide into 4 core areas of improvement.

In this ebook, you'll find solutions to common challenges in these four areas:  

  • Hiring & Retaining Valuable Employees
  • Marketing Strategies & Budget Analysis
  • Financing & Accounting
  • Increasing Retail Sales in Your Dispensary

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