ON DEMAND Interview: How Dr. Stanley Experienced 34% Sales Growth During a Pandemic

In this 30 minute discussion, we heard the how and why behind Dr. Stanley's 2020 successes of:

  • Sourcing and moving practice locations
  • Hiring an Associate OD
  • Overcoming some of the common 2020 challenges faced by all practices
  • How technology plays a role in his practice success


matt stanley odAbout Dr. Stanley

Dr. Matt Stanley is a practicing OD at Eyecare Associates of Manhattan. P.A. His practice moved locations at the beginning of 2020 and relied on comprehensive software to stay in communication with his staff and patients.

Dr. Stanley attributes part of his 2020 successes to the capabilities of his software. Fill out the form on the right to chat with our team on your pain points and how Uprise EHR & PM can help.

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