Patient Surveys Kit to Boost Eyecare Practice ROI

There are many changes that occur with your dispensary, staff, software, location, and policies. However, the one thing that stays constant is the high level of care and expertise your patients expect.

Many practices can find it difficult to either make time during appointments or create effective follow-up emails to survey their patients on their satisfaction. We completely get it. Not only does writing surveys require specific skills, but reading responses can be nerve wracking.

However, information you gain from patient surveys is proven to help you optimize your services and products to keep your patients happier and grow your practice's revenue overall. Happier patients are more likely to recommend your practice to their network, leave positive online reviews, and return year after year. 

Create the Best Patient Experience

Our collection of eyecare-specific surveys will help you understand what kind of testing, office perks, frame organization, and customer service your patients prefer.  There's no resource out there quite like it.

These surveys help optimize:

  • Office resources, education, and digital communication
  • Explaining costs, customer service, and checkout
  • Providing the ideal testing and exam experience
  • Pre-exam patient lifestyle & background questions
  • Shopping your optical dispensary

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