5 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Claims

Identify key areas where you can boost efficiency

If you want to improve your practice's efficiency when dealing with claims, you'll have to improve the processes you use in your billing department. In this eBook we'll go over details of 5 claim filing mistakes to watch out for, tips for shopping for a claim filing service, and a customizable clearinghouse pricing worksheet.

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What you'll get with this eBook:

Electronic claim filing has replaced paper filing as the new standard for submitting claims to payers, but not everyone has embraced online services. We've compiled 5 of the most common mistakes made in an eyecare practice when it comes to filing claims and how you can avoid them. 

  • Calling payers when you don't have to
  • Going to multiple sites to file claims
  • Doing duplicate work
  • Taking your eyes off your money
  • Allowing coding mistakes to be a part of the process

In addition, we've included a set of tips to help you shop for the perfect online claim filing service as well as a worksheet to assit you when pricing out various services.