Ask an OD: Important End of Year Metrics to Measure

The end of the year is the best time to examine your practice & run reports to get a snapshot of your frame board and staff performance. Taking the time to analyze your performance from this year will help you build an informed plan for the following year.

In this collaborative webinar with GPN's team, Alison Mounce interviews Dr. Jennifer Stewart to hear about the KPI’s she finds most necessary in order to plan for 2022.

GPN Webinar speakersFrom frame board profitability to exam revenue, we're diving into a range of KPIs that apply to all optometry practices. If your practice doesn't currently have automated procedures in place for measuring your performance, we'll show you how to start.

Here's a sneak peek of what Dr. Stewart covers:

  • Optical and clinic revenue per exam

  • Capture rate

  • Vision plan profitability

  • Making a 2022 plan



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