EBOOK: Building an Adaptable
Eyecare Practice

After any practice closure or setback, there is bound to be uncertainty among your staff and patients. When unlikely or unfavorable events occur, your practice is forced to adapt quickly and enact big changes to the way your staff delivers patient care or functions day-to-day. These events could be the result of global pandemics such as COVID-19, local natural disasters, a corporate lease change, a private equity buyout, the addition of a new practice, or any major staff changes.

It’s your job as the owner or optometrist to think of creative solutions for immediate change, provide stress relief, set up a support system, and build your practice in a way so that it's adaptable to big changes. That’s why we’re here to make sure you're equipped with the advice of other optometrists and thought leaders who are in the trenches with you.

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Hear from real-life ODs on how they navigate any obstacle. 

In this ebook, we include interviews with optometrists and actionable advice to break down the different ways to reset your practice to make it stronger financially, adaptable to change, and give everyone on your team a morale boost.

Topics Include:

  • Being Prepared to Communicate Change with Patients
  • Managing Staff Through Change or Remotely
  • A Look into Corporate Optometry
  • Business Opportunities for an Adaptable Practice
  • Telehealth & Tools to See Patients Remotely

Download the ebook to support you through both setbacks and exponential growth.

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