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Expert Staff Management in Eyecare

How do you know if your staff is working well together? If they're ready for a promotion? If they're performing to your expectations? If you put structures in place to set your optometry staff up for success, you're more likely to retain your best employees and sustain the growth of your eyecare practice.

Start with a solid company structure, goal-oriented plans, and a supportive management style.


Download our ebook for actionable steps toward hiring, training, and maintaining an expert staff.

Quality patient care starts with a great team. 

We've compiled all our best ideas for staff motivation, interview questions, communicating big changes, and even a printable goal tracking worksheet you can start using today. We hope that our ebook will show office managers and ODs how they can expertly uplift their staff while running a modern practice.

In this ebook, we'll go through:

  • Hiring & Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Growth & Company Culture
  • Change Management

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