The Electronic Claim Filing Playbook:
6 Lessons Learned From College Football

Efficiency and productivity are important cornerstones of any great football team.

But, if a football team doesn’t practice daily, use the resources available to them, embrace technology, or listen to their coaches; things can fall apart quickly. The same goes for electronic claim filing in your practice.


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What do a football team and eyecare practice have in common?

Both have to rely on the whole team working together, using the correct tools, and practice the best plays possibly. In this eBook we'll go through 6 lessons learned form college football to get you thinking about your claim filing process in a whole new way:

  • Lesson 1: Know your opponent
  • Lesson 2: There is no off-season
  • Lesson 3: Tools and equipment you need
  • Lesson 4: Home-field advantage
  • Lesson 5: Embrace technology
  • Lesson 6: Be adaptable

Download the Electronic Claim Filing Playbook and start formulating the game plan that your practice will use to tackle your claims process.