WEBINAR: Bill Like a Boss in 2020 
12:30-1:30PM CST  |  MARCH 20, 2020

Entering a new decade of updates to billing coding, regulations, and processes can be intimidating when you don't have an expert consultant or in-house biller by your side. If you understand the flow of claim filing, but your practice needs more guidance on denied or rejected claims, tune into our webinar this month.

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Shane Shepherd WebinarFigure out what you can improve on with live questions, surveys, and quizzes. 

Guided by resident billing expert Shane Shepherd, our interactive Webinar: Bill Like a Boss in 2020 is sure to uncover what your current filing process might be lacking and show you the best solutions.



Shane will talk through: 

  • Setting Up Claim Filing within Your System
  • How to Pull Benefits
  • Different Types of Claims & Denials
  • Insurance Reporting

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